DYWIDAG-Systems International Australia salvages a Trench Cutter in Surfers Paradise

The Keller Foundations company was undertaking work on a new, 5 story deep parking slurry wall construction in Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia when an expensive trench cutter got stuck at a depth of 25m.

After several failed attempts to lift the equipment with a crane, Keller Foundations asked DYWIDAG-Systems International Australia to help. An experienced team of experts immediately came to the jobsite and offered the required special services.

Within only 3 days, 75mm Ø high tensile DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars including couplers and stressing nuts as well as two HOZ 5400 bar jacks with R11.2 pumps were shipped to the jobsite. DYWIDAG-Systems International also provided a specialized post-tensioning operator to jack the trench cutter upwards to the surface.

Due to the special nature of this job, Keller Foundations placed a great deal of emphasis on precise coordination and the required safety protocols.

The 75mm Ø DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars were equipped with giant fish hooks that hooked into the hoist points of the machine down in the slurry. After an 8 hour jacking operation with an initial 160t load and an average load of 60t at a later stage, the cutter was successfully salvaged by a proud crew and a very happy client.

After a 4 week project delay, the Keller Foundations crew was able to recommence the deep slurry wall excavation thanks to the support of DYWIDAG-Systems International.


Keller Foundations, Australia


DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd., Australia


Technical support, rental of equipment


75mm Ø DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars

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