Flat Slab Post-Tensioning using Bonded DYWIDAG Tendons: The Marina COM-05 Tower in Lusail

In Lusail, a newly designed city that is being constructed north of Doha, Qatar, a modern marina is under construction. Once completed, the marina will offer 142 berths for 8-40m long yachts.

The Marina COM-05 office tower is also being built here. The tower with a total area of 19,460m² has 3 basement floors that will be used for parking. The ground floor and the two podiums will contain shops. The 25 floors above will accommodate offices.

The simple and flexible system of flat slab posttensioning using DYWIDAG Strand Tendonswas successfully used for this construction project. In total, 90t of DYWIDAG Tendons were installed in the floor slabs of the Marina COM-05 Tower. All tendons were anchored with Type 3-0.5" or 5-0.5" Flat Anchorages.


Mashour Real Estate Development, Qatar

General Contractor

Al Bandary Engineering, Qatar

Consulting Engineers

HILL International


EHAF Consulting Engineers, Qatar


DSI Middle East, Qatar


Design, supply, installation, technical support, supervision


DYWIDAG Tendons with Type 3-0.5" and 5-0.5" Flat Anchorages

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