Faster from Prague to Linz: New D3 Highway in the Czech Republic

The new D3 Highway in the Czech Republic is part of the European E55 Motorway from Scandinavia to Greece. Once completed, the D3 will lead from Prague to the Czech-Austrian border and connect with the Muehlviertel Expressway to Linz.

The Borek-Usilne section in southern Czech Republic minimizes congestion on the existing I/3 Road through the town of Borek. The SO 202 Bridge, for which DYWIDAGSystems International Czech Republic supplied the post-tensioning systems, also forms part of this section.

The bridge consists of two separate structures crossing a river. Each structure was divided into four sections. Since the owner wanted to install the post-tensioning tendons separately in each section without the use of any continuous tendons, some tendons ended in the webs of the box girder. This resulted in little space for inserting the individual strands.

Furthermore, the tendons had to be tensioned through a special beam. In this project, DSI supplied and installed a total of 120.62t of 19-0.62" Bonded Strand Tendons, 112 OVM.M15-19 Anchorages and 32 OVM.L15-19 Couplers.


Roads and Highways Directory, Czech Republic

General Contractor

Joint Venture Eurovia – Strabag, D3 Borek – Usilne, Czech Republic


METROSTAV a.s. , Czech Republic

Consulting Engineers

PUDIS a.s., Czech Republic


INFRAM CZ, a.s., Czech Republic


DYWIDAG-Systems International, Czech Republic


Production, supply, installation, technical support, supervision


120.62 t Type 19-0.62" Strand Tendons, 112 OVM.M15-19 Anchorages, 32 OVM.L15-19 Couplers

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