DSI supplies Strand Tendons for Poland’s largest Sugar Producer

With a domestic market share of approx. 40%, Polski Cukier is the largest sugar producer in Poland. In 2010, Polski Cukier awarded a contract to Chemadex S.A., an experienced general contractor for turn-key industrial buildings, for the construction of a new silo.

The new tank under construction in a sugar factory in Naklo nad Notecia in the northern half of Poland is 34.1m high (excluding the control tower). The silo has 0.32m thick concrete walls, an internal diameter of 45m and a capacity of 50,000t of sugar.

Post-tensioning of the silo began after three weeks of concreting using climbing framework. DSI supplied the Bonded SUSPA Strand System for post-tensioning.

6-7 SUSPA Strand Tendons were used from the foundation up to a height of 19.13m. 6-4 SUSPA Strand Tendons were installed starting at a height of 19.13m up to the upper rim of the silo. On the whole, DSI supplied more than 72t of St1860, Ø 15.7mm Strand Tendons as well as 176 MA 6-7 Anchorages and 116 MA 6-4 Anchorages. Post-Tensioning was carried out from April 2010 to May 2011.

Thanks to the excellent co-operation with the general contractor, DSI Poland has already signed a contract for another silo project that will be built in August 2011.


Polski Cukier S.A., Poland

General Contractor 

Chemadex S. A., Poland


Chemadex S. A., Poland

DSI Units

DYWIDAG-Systems International Sp. z o.o., Poland; DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, BU Post-Tensioning, Germany

DSI Scope

Supply, installation, posttensioning and grouting of 72t of SUSPA Systems Strand Tendons, St1860, Ø 15.7mm, with MA Anchorages

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