DSI Poland supplies Quality Systems for Pan-European Transport Corridor VI

The A1 Motorway, which is planned as a 570km long North-South connection through Poland, forms part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor VI and will link Scandinavia with the Mediterranean countries once it is finished.

After completion of phase I of the project - the section between Gdansk and Nowe Marzy in the North of Poland - a second, 62km long section of the toll road is now being built from Nowe Marzy to Czerniewicze near Torun.

The second section runs through the administrative districts of Pomerania and Kujavia and Pomerania and includes a total of five intersections, the repair of 14 structures, the demolition of one structure and the construction of 51 new bridges.

DSI Poland was involved in the construction of two of the motorway viaducts and in six of the road viaducts. One of the motorway bridges is the approx. 250m long hollow box bridge WA-102. It is the first bridge in Poland to feature the External Prestressing System with Prestressing Steel Wires. All of the prefabricated tendons were produced, supplied, tensioned and grouted by DSI.

For the second section of A1, DSI Poland supplied 440t of 15-0.6", 19-0.6" and 22-0.6" St 1670/1860 SUSPA Systems Tendons (including more than 130t of Prefabricated Tendons) with K Couplers and MA Anchorages.

In addition, more than 40t of the External Prestressing System with Prestressing Steel Wires EX-66, Type SUSPA Systems were successfully installed. DSI Poland also supplied more than 3t of 36 WR and 40 WR DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars for post-tensioning the launching nose.

Due to the installation advantages of prefabricated tendons, the external prestressing steel wire tendons were completely installed by DSI Poland within only 2 weeks, and post-tensioning and grouting could be successfully completed.


Gdańsk Transport Company S.A., Poland

General Contractor

Skanska NDI JV, Poland


Skanska S.A., Poland


Transprojekt Gdański Sp. z o.o.; Transprojekt Warszawa Sp. z o.o., both Poland


Transprojekt Gdański Sp. z o.o., Poland; Transprojekt Warszawa Sp. z o.o, Poland; Stähler+Knoppik, Germany

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International Sp. z o.o., Poland

DSI Scope

Production, supply, tensioning and grouting of 440t of Prefabricated Type SUSPA Systems Tendons 15-0.6", 19-0.6" and 22-0.6‘‘ with K Couplers and MA Anchorages; 40t of External Prestressing Steel Tendons EX-66, Type SUSPA Systems and 3t of Type 36 WR and 40 WR DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Bars

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