Building Material City – Abu Dhabi’s Hub for the Construction Industry

Abu Dhabi now features a modern city within the city: Building Materials City (BMC). The 230,000m² area is centrally positioned on the way to the International Airport and to Abu Dhabi’s trade-fair location and is the United Arab Emirates’ new hub for the construction industry.

By concentrating all of the important construction companies in one place, the country is expecting to create considerable advantages for new construction projects and strong growth for the construction industry as a whole.

The project consists of four different elements that are grouped around a 100,000m² shopping area with 300 retail stores: modern offices that are located in 17 20 story towers, 32 towers accommodating a total of 4,151 apartments, a new 400 room hotel and 15,500 parking spaces. Furthermore, BMC features the Middle East’s first building materials exchange.

BATEC, DSI’s partner company in Abu Dhabi, participated as a subcontractor in this project. The company’s scope included the design of the post-tensioned flat slabs as well as the installation, post-tensioning and grouting of the post-tensioning tendons needed for the flat slabs.

For two of the 20 story towers with four lower parking levels each, BATEC constructed approx. 80,000m² of post-tensioned flat slabs. Type FA 3x0.5" and 5x0.5" DYWIDAG Flat Anchorages were used for the flat slabs. All in all, 380t of strand and 4,700 Flat Anchorages were installed in the towers.


Manazel Real Estate Building, Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Contractor

Joint Venture, consisting of Fibrex Co. LLC, and Thinet Emirates LLC, both Abu Dhabi, UAE


BATEC General Contracting LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE


EHAF Consulting Engineers, Dubai, UAE

Consulting Engineers

Heberger Engineering, Abu Dhabi, UAE

DSI Unit

DSI Headquarter Operations, Munich, Germany / BATEC General Contracting LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

DSI Scope

Supply of 4,700 Type FA 3x0.5" and 5x0.5" DYWIDAG Flat Anchorages

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